Hello and welcome to the home of the Canadian Tamaskan Dog. The National Tamaskan Club of Canada (NTCC) was founded in 2011 by two individuals, Amit and Katlin, who wanted to promote and raise awareness of the Tamaskan Dog. Since starting the NTCC we have gone from 2-3 Tamaskan dogs to over 20. The Tamaskan Dog is still very rare in Canada, and more information about the breed in itself can be found here.

Please note that Blustag Tamaskan located in the United States of America is not a registered breeder of Tamaskans, they are a puppy mill and have several litters per month of very unhealthy dogs.

Also note that Blustag, Blufawn, and Poachers Farm Tamaskan Dogs located in the UK are also not registered breeders of Tamaskan dogs. They have a few litters of unhealthy dogs, use untested outcrosses, and lie about parentage of dogs.

There are not many Canadian litters born per year because the breed is still very rare and responsible breeders only breed only litter per year per bitch. It may seem easier to buy a "fake" Tamaskan, but the "real ones" are worth the wait!

This site is officially recognized by the International Tamaskan Register (ITR).